Nicki Beschi

Nicki Beschi


Nicky Beschi is a fully qualified Kinesiology Practitioner, dedicated to helping people achieve optimum health and vitality.


Nicky was ready to take the next step in her professional development, by implementing a marketing and communications strategy. Together we defined her business objectives, which were focused on the overall growth of the Kinesiology practice locally and internationally, and creating a unique market value for her services. 

Pepebucks have worked closely with Nicky to create a brand and visual identity that authentically reflects Nicky’s personality as a practitioner within the Kinesiology space.

We designed and built a website inline with this branding, and continue to offer strategic advice on the communication and marketing aspects of the business.

How we work with Nicki Beschi

  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding & Visual Identity Development
  • Marketing & Communications Strategy
  • Strategic Planning & Advice
  • Web Design & Build