2019 – Present

Cora is a specialist logistics management firm, providing a full service solution to mid-market and large scale organisations with complex distribution requirements. 

Previously known as Freight Concepts, they approached Pepebucks to create a new brand that accurately aligns with the business transformation the company was undertaking. Freight Concepts wanted a brand and communications strategy that differentiated and disrupted the marketplace, and a new philosophy that encouraged a positive company culture.

Pepebucks undertook in depth desktop research into the industry, initiated customer interviews, and conducted customer profiling. From these insights we highlighted the market opportunities, which were to position Freight Concepts as a logistics service provider with an aptitude for customer service, and commitment to finding solutions for customers that is more than just a good price.

Cora was the name chosen to replace Freight Concepts. As a female name, it carries with it the corresponding qualities of helping and caring, which are ideal associations for the reader in a customer service context. The word is not needlessly complicated, but direct and effective – as is Cora as a company. 

The band mark is a C made up of two coloured lines, each representing the carriers and clients that become connected through cora. The lines also represent the logistics journey. In the beginning it is difficult and complex, but once carrier and customer are connected it becomes streamlined and efficient. This symbolises the strategic solutions cora provides their clients.

When the brand mark is turned on its side, the inner lines make the outline of a person’s head, symbolising the high level of customer service. The inner lines can also be interpreted as a keyhole, symbolising the unlocking of potential and optimising of efficiencies through the solutions they offer customers.

The blue brand colour signifies the trust, dependability, intelligence and integrity of cora towards its customers and partners. Red represents the energy, passion and leadership the cora team live by. The coral brand colour chosen is a less aggressive, more balanced and feminine variant to red.

Together the name, brand mark and brand colours create a modern, innovative, and technology driven brand identity that stands out from all other logistics services providers.

How we work with Cora

  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding & Visual Identity Development
  • Marketing & Communications Strategy
  • Strategic Planning & Advice
  • Web Design & Build
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Social Media Management